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Her Story!

Jillian integrates her love of languages (Brazilian Portuguese & Spanish) as well as her passion for the arts and love of people into almost everything she does!  You can often find her collaborating with other creatives on music projects, live streams, podcasts and more!

Bridging The Gap Between Education and Media

So How Did I Get Here?

I wear a lot of hats and have a few different roles and sometimes I’m running around in a million different directions, BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m a communications coordinator at a public school, I’m the Creative Director at an economic development corporation and I’m also a content creator, video producer and social media specialist through my company, Creative Communicators, LLC.

Before becoming an entrepreneur… and it’s still weird to refer to myself as one… I was a high school ESL and Biology teacher!  This background in education and public service is truly the foundation of everything I do.  I love to teach, support, guide, and problem solve with others.  I seriously get a thrill out of looking at a problem and trying to find a solution that works for my clients and friends.  You want to start a video podcast but have NO clue on how to get started or what you need?  I can help with that!  You’re all set for a big production but suddenly nothing’s working and you’re freaking out?? I can help with that!  You want to reach clients, or students, in a relevant way but don’t consider yourself a “creative”… I can help with that!  It’s how I’m wired and it’s what I truly enjoy doing. 

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Jillian is the founder and CEO of Creative Communicators, LLC based out of central Massachusetts and serves a number of clients including a school district, economic development office, local small businesses and more!  She also enjoys traveling and collaborating with other production companies to facilitate live streaming and content creation by working behind-the-scenes or being the on-camera talent.  


Jillian truly enjoys problem solving and making things work even when you don't have #allthethings!  "Every problem that pops up gives me a chance to be innovative and creative, as well as be better equipped for the next adventure!"

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